Corner Mesh

Corner Mesh is designed to provide strong Internal corner reinforcement for conventional plaster applications and you perfectly straight sharp inside corners and its designed to resist cracking.

A solid metal nose provides a straight, rigid ground and the flanges can be easily flexed over irregular, uneven


It is easily used in plaster providing reinforcement where needed most to ensure straight corners. Wide expanded flange corner bead provides additional rigidity and strength with its reinforced flanges. This product is for use on masonry, beams, and column fireproofing. Combination of expanded flanges and pronounced bead ensures successful corner alignment and efficient plaster keying

Made of galvanized sheet steel for high resistance to corrosion

Code Flang Size Length Material
CM-50  50mm*50mm 3 Meters Galvanized
CM-75 75mm*75mm 3 Meters Galvanized
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