Fiberglass Mesh

Alkali-resistant mesh with strong elastic modulus and fracture strength is the ideal material that to effectively reinforce cement concrete. It will not deteriorate, not afraid of ultraviolet radiation.

A very small amount of mortar coverage will be able to achieve the desired enhancement.

The product is widely used in wall reinforcement, external wall insulation, roof waterproof, gypsum, etc.

Main properties:

–  chemical stability, acid and alkali resistant, Water-resistance, Erosion resistance of cement, Strong cohesive

to the resin, Soluble in styrene, etc.

–  high tensile strength, high modulus, softness.

–  Good dimensional stability, stiff, smooth, not easy contraction deformation, location is good.

–  Good impact resistance. (with high intensity, good toughness).

–  Prevent mildew, insect-resistant.

– Fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, insulation.

Code Hole  Type Denisty Width Length
 FGM-0.5  0.5cm * 0.5cm 0.85kg/m2 – 1.1kg/m2 20cm – 100cm 50 Meters
FGM-1  1 cm * 1 cm 0.85kg/m2 – 1.1kg/m2 20cm – 100cm 50 Meters
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