Plaster Stop

Plaster stop bead provides a straight accurate line, it is used to reinforce the plaster or render on its edge and finish mainly interior dividing walls and ceiling.

Plaster stop bead is designed as a universal plaster stop used at wall ends, door and window openings to make a neat, flush frame. Plaster stop bead protects the edge from damage and helps corner shrinkage cracks. It can be used for many different applications and can also be less expensive compared to other construction methods. The bead is designed with a ridge of nail holes to provide easy installation. It can be used in all types of buildings and constructions and all types of cement plastering works Plaster stop beads help in improving the quality of the building with reference to the abutments of the wall surfaces to other dissimilar surfaces. Plaster stop beads are used between wall surfaces and abutment of doors and window frames and in places wherever the plaster ends.

Made of galvanized sheet steel for high resistance to corrosion.

Code Width Length Material
PS-10 10mm 3 Meters Galvanized
PS-13 13mm 3 Meters Galvanized
PS-15 15mm 3 Meters Galvanized
PS-19 19mm 3 Meters Galvanized
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