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Site Engineer

    6th Of October City, Cairo, Egypt
    5 days ago
    Full time

Job Responsibilities

● Collaborate with project managers and architects to understand project requirements and goals.● Contribute to project planning, including schedules, budgets, and resource allocation.● Ensure construction activities adhere to regulations, codes, and safety standards.● Oversee daily construction activities on-site and monitor progress.● Update project managers about construction status and potential issues.● Inspect work in progress to ensure quality standards and adherence to plans.● Address any deviations from approved specifications.● Coordinate with procurement to ensure timely delivery of materials.● Inspect delivered materials for quality, quantity, and proper storage.● Supervise subcontractors and ensure alignment with the schedule and quality standards.● Resolve disputes and issues that may arise with subcontractors.● Maintain accurate project documentation, including reports and compliance paperwork.● Prepare as-built drawings and documentation.● Promote a culture of safety by enforcing protocols and conducting safety training.● Hold safety meetings with the construction team.● Identify and resolve on-site issues promptly and collaborate on solutions.● Communicate challenges to the project manager.● Maintain client communication, providing updates and addressing concerns.● Participate in post-project reviews to identify areas for improvement.● Stay updated on industry trends and best practices in building materials and construction.

Job Qualifications

● 3-4 years of construction site management experience in building materials or related fields.● Residency in the 6th of October area.● Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or a related field.● Proficiency in project management tools and software.● Strong understanding of construction techniques and materials.● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.● Attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Benefits and Perks

● Social insurance coverage.● Health insurance coverage.● Car allowance.