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Fiberglass Mesh -FGM

Category: Building Accessories- Expansion reinforcement.

Fiberglass mesh is resin coated fiberglass fabric that does not burn and is characterized by both low weight and high strength. These properties allow it to be successfully used in the formation of joints of two materials with different expansion co-efficient and resist the cracking that occurs in such places. Resistant to alkalis, does not decompose over time, it has a high resistance to tearing and stretching, protects the surface from cracking and improves its mechanical strength due to its flexibility. Easy to handle and use.

Adhesive coating (%): Acrylic Latex ≥ 18±3 % Alkaline Resistance: After 28-days immersion of 5% NaOH solution, the avg. retention rate for tensile fracture strength: ≥ 60% Tensile Strength FGM-W (N/50mm): warp≥ 1200, weft ≥ 1500 Tensile Strength FGM-O (N/50mm): warp≥ 1000, weft ≥ 1400 Confirms to: ETAG 004

CodeHole sizeDensityWidthLengthColor
FGM-O1 cm × 1 cm110 g/m2 -/+ 5%20 cm50 meters -/+ 5%


FGM-W0.5 cm × 0.5 cm125 g/m2 -/+ 5%20 cm50 meters -/+ 5%