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Plaster stop (PS)


Plaster Stop is used for many different applications and can also be less expensive than other construction methods. It is designed with a ridge of nail holes to provide easy installation. And Used in all types of buildings and constructions and all cement plastering work, Plaster stop beads improve the structure's quality regarding the wall surfaces' abutments to other dissimilar surfaces. It is also used between wall surfaces and abutment of doors and window frames and places wherever the plaster ends. 

CodeWidthWing WidthLengthMaterial
PS-1010mm 50mm3 MetersGalvanized Steel/British Standards
PS-1313mm50mm3 MetersGalvanized Steel/British Standards
PS-1515mm50mm3 MetersGalvanized Steel/British Standards
PS-1919mm50mm3 MetersGalvanized Steel/British Standards