Control Joint (CJ-V) – (CJ-DV)


Control Joint is used in concrete masonry to reduce the occurrence of shrinkage-related cracking.

A control joint is a continuous vertical joint filled with mortar, but with a bond breaker on one side, tensile

stress cannot develop across the joint.

  • Along the wall’s length and near corners, returns, and changes in the wall’s height, support, or stiffness.
  • Come in two shapes:

-Joint with Single V bend.

-Joint with Double V bend


Code Type of Bend Bend Depth Wing Width Length Material
CJ-V18.5 Single V 18.5mm 50mm 3 Meters Galvanized Steel/British Standards


Double V 19mm 50mm 3 Meters Galvanized Steel/British Standards


*All sizes and Designs are available upon customer request.


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