Fiberglass Mesh (FGM)


Fiberglass mesh is woven by fiberglass yarn as its basis fabric, then coated by alkaline resistant latex; After surface treatment, this alkali-resistant mesh has fine alkaline-resistance and high strength, Water-resistance, alkali-resistance, flexibility, softness, and resistance to aging;

It is widely used in reinforcing walls, natural marble, plasterboard, artificial stone materials, exterior insulation finishing system, and renovating building surface.

Code Hole size Density Width Length Color
FGM-0.5 0.5cm×0.5cm 0.85kg/m2×1.1kg/m2 20cm-100cm 50 Meters Orange/white/blue
FGM-1 1cm×1cm 0.85kg/m2×1.1kg/m2 20cm-100cm 50 Meters Orange/white/blue

*All sizes and Designs are available upon customer request.


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