Gas Gun System

Gas fastening system is a very popular and efficient building fastening systems which include gas tool, fuel cell and strip fasteners. Gas tool absorbs flammable gas from fuel cell and mixes it in its air cylinder, the mixture is ignited by electric device and produce a lot of high pressure gas which push the piston go forward to push the strip fastener into the concrete.

Dimensions ( Length x Height x Width ) 15.9 x 17.3 x 4.3 – 403mm x 440mm x 109mm
Weight Includes battery and fuel cell 7.48 lbs. (3.4kg) – 7.9 lbs. (3.6kg)
Nail Capacity Nail Capacity
Cycle rate Intermittent:2-3 nails per second Continuous:1000 nails per hour
Battery BRB7412 (2.2 AH) – Li-ion Battery 7.4V
Switching adaptor input power source Single phase: AC 110-240V ~5060 HZ
Charging time 5 min. can shoot 200 nails Max. 120 min(At a temperature of 70*F (20* C)
Charging Voltage Dc 7.4 V
Charging current DC 2.2 A
Weight (not include switching adaptor) 0.24 lbs. (0.11 Kg)
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